Narrow Windows


What happens when people look through closed windows and narrow perspectives? Sister Becky Castaneda-Elaasar shares her experience with us in this guest submission. Funny or sad? You decide.


Looking at me back then, no one would ever have known I was a Muslim American.  Stereotypically, people would assume I was the traditional garden variety Christian. Things started to get a little suspicious when I just so happened to marry an Egyptian. Strange things began after that.

One day, my husband and I decided to go to the store.  As my husband tells her what he wants, the clerk looks at me to “translate” his request (made in English!).  This occurred frequently throughout the years until lo and behold…

I began to wear the hijab.

The tables turned and now, to this present day, people will look at my husband to “translate” my request!  Strange how people can be so assuming!