Did You Ever Doubt Me?



I’ve known a certain sister for some time now.

We weren’t close in the beginning, but we each knew who the other was. She came to me about four or five years (yes, YEARS) ago, and asked about the ‘awrah (the part of the body we have to cover in front of others). She wanted to know if a woman really had to cover from her navel to knee in front of her family.

She didn’t really wait for my answer, but began going on about how ridiculous this was. I had mumbled “Yes” to her question then and kept quiet. I didn’t feel that strong in my faith at the time. But if you had asked me then, “Would this sister ever wear hijab?” I would’ve said, “No.”  And I consider myself a very optimistic person…

Fast forward five years. Who would’ve thought this sister and I would’ve become friends? We did.

Who would’ve thought this sister would want to wear hijab? She does.

The only one who knew all this was Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. And He willed, subhanahu wa ta’ala, to bring about a change in her heart.

As people, we can try all we want to change others. We can also assume that a person will never change. But Allah ta’ala can decide for any person to change. Ultimately, that change is going to come from Him subhanahu wa ta’ala and only Him.

So next time you find someone who seems far away from Islam, make du’aa that Allah ta’ala gives that person the ability to change and follow through on the change, instead of assuming they never will.

This sister — my friend — recently asked me a question: “Sarah, what can you show in front of only girls?”

SubhanAllah, I looked down and smiled. This time, I knew she really wanted to know and I gladly explained.

“Thank you for telling me!” She said, “I didn’t know.” And now she does.

May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala make us of His righteous slaves and may He inspire change in our hearts in which we fully follow through on. Ameen.