Fitting In


So many excuses for why people don’t wear hijab — let’s tackle them one at a time, starting with the issue of “fitting in”!


The excuse goes something like this:

“I don’t wear hijab because I’m afraid I won’t fit in. I love my religion, I just don’t want to be different from everybody.”

The answer goes something like this:

Take a minute and look at who you want to fit in with. What kind of people are they? What do you do with them? What influence do they have on you?

Abu Musa al-Ash’ari radiya Allahu ‘anhu narrated that the Prophet salla Allahu alayhi wasallam said,

The example of a good pious companion and an evil one is that of a person carrying musk and another blowing a pair of bellows. The one who is carrying musk will either give you some perfume as a present, or you will buy some from him, or you will get a good smell from him. But the one who is blowing a pair of bellows will either burn your clothes or you will get a bad smell from him” [Bukhari].

Are these friends going to make you or break you? Ultimately, our goal is Jannah. Are these friends going to help you move towards Jannah? Right now, you’re thinking about Hijab. Do these friends want you to wear hijab? Also, who are you trying to please?

These are rhetorical questions, and you need to be honest with yourself.  Truthfully answer them, for your own sake. Is fitting in with the wrong people really the reason you’re leaving behind such a good thing?

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