Saving Ourselves


I had a random reflection on hijab today.

When people talk about the blessing of hijab, they also mention it as a means of protection from men, harassment, and so on. I agree, those are great blessings, alhamdulillah. But, what about protection from ourselves?  What do I mean by that? I mean protection from the ways of women.


Yes, hijab as a protection for women, against women. Sound odd?

Hijab covers the beauty of a woman. People who don’t need to see her beauty are not able to. Hijab also reminds a woman of her Creator, constantly. It helps instill hayaa – or shyness – in her heart, mind, and conduct.

How does this protect women from women?

Because a woman knows how beautiful her body is. She knows she can be seductive and get things through those means. She can alter her voice, walk a certain way, and get what she wants. When she covers herself, she is making herself a person, a simple slave of her Creator. An outsider can only judge her based on her character and conduct, not by how she entrances them. Every woman was made differently, yet beautifully, by her Creator. When beauty is on display, each person seems unequal. But when she puts on her hijab, she is just another person, just like any other woman who covers (and any other man who covers!). To cover is to unify and to equalize, no matter who you may be, or where you may be from. Now, the only things separating people after covering are deeds.

Ironically, women have been looking for equality by trying to change themselves. Perhaps this was given to us by our Creator and we, as women, have thrown away the protection in search for equality.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree or disagree? Have anything you’d like to add? Share it with us, in the comments below!